Alijah Villian Hamilton and Erin Cheyne Hamilton two person movie poster design company take over the world and every major press.

So... What's your film about? Is it a dramatic thriller... an indie comedy... maybe it's adventure with a side of film noir.  Whatever it may be, we are ready to hear about it.  Our key art process puts story and art first, giving you a handcrafted piece of artwork to make your film known and remembered by audiences for years to come. We dive deep into our key art and character posters, involving you in choice decisions based on color, film poster concept, and your written synopsis. We build film posters based on creativity, logical marketing tactics and vibe with the atmosphere in a way that immerses the viewer into the narrative of your story.  

Bowlerbear began when Alijah Villian Hamilton met the now Erin Cheyne Hamilton at an ad agency where they both worked as art directors.  After quitting the agency and starting Bowlerbear, they've been busy successfully and independently creating viral creative images for posters and beyond.  Their work has appeared on TMZ, Entertainment Weekly, and Daily Dot, and their consistently viral artwork has collectively garnered over 9 million hits.  

Bowlerbear movie poster design company film poster design indie movie posters.

Bowlerbear was created on ideas and experience collectively we have over 20 years of experience in art, viral marketing, and design.

Alijah Villian Hamilton key art movie poster designer creator of black superheroes reimagined new york times

Alijah Villian Hamilton has over 15 years experience as a multidisciplinary digital artist with over 10 million hits worldwide on his mainstream projects Black Superheroes Reimagined and NBA Game of Thrones - Grand Prize Winner of the Whale Tale Award from Mofilm judged by Jon Landau. He is known for his unique style in layering and texturing with 2d photographic and 3d elements as well as credited with creating one of the world's first panorama movie posters. Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis he lives a healthy lifestyle and runs an average of 20 miles a week. When he is not living the dream he's thinking, learning, or meditating.

Erin Cheyne Hamilton key art movie poster designer creator of women in history abc's

Erin Cheyne Hamilton also known as EKC Hamilton is an expert environment matte painter. Known for her prestigious background work in movie posters and her personal projects she has received press all over the world for her work on the Fierce Movie Poster. Her use of abstraction, realism, and maximalism is her signature style creating a mood of nostalgic and feel good moments with expressive color. Erin's mission is to bring attention to the women in art and beyond.