We wanted to do a story on a group of misfits or rather a town of misfits that were filled with personality.  It was about midnight and I started writing this story about a sailor who fell madly in love with a nurse and he had just come back from war.  I needed the story to fill bright and bigger than life.  I had planned another project called Van Hollins Circus and the Bridge all at the same time so I challenged myself to do the hire the actors, do the photoshoot, and at least edit the images in 3 days top Friday through Sunday. It was a wild week.

Hide The Sausage is a popular film noire short by Joe Benedetto. It is a movie about a mobster down on his luck played by Joseph D'Onofrio, and involves a very important suitcase.  This poster came about during an afternoon while having coffee on the farm.  We were sitting there just loosely discussing where we might go with the concept, and it was a spark almost instantly to do a poster that involved the main prop piece a suitcase and the characters sitting in it or on the outside of it depending on their perspective within the story.  So we pitched this, and it was a go.

Fierce went viral without us realizing it.  We had just found out we were expecting a child and all of a sudden at the same time the Fierce poster was all over the world.  In a sweet twist of poetry, a drive-in theater owner that had already made a big deal out of refusing to play Disney's Beauty and the Beast because LeFou's character is gay booked Fierce to screen at their theater as a replacement - without reading the synopsis - and hillarity ensued.

Knights of the NBA was a project that occured to me to do on a whim.  It was a love of both worlds basketball and game of thrones.  This project took alot of reasearch I forced myself to learn at least some of the parts of actual knight templar armor.  So that when I would search for pieces in the library and online I would be sure that it would fit.  So all in all I believe I collected somewhere around 80 different pieces of armor.

Flying through the air has always been something we (and probably most people) wanted to do.  The closest thing to it was doing this project.  We used ladders to get the height and positioning by taking photos of us at seperate times and then compositing it later.  Levitate was a idea that started with watching The Wizard of Oz.  We wanted to build an imaginary world made of clouds and poppy fields.  See the final here.