Here is a list of our most common questions and if you have a question that is not answered here please email us at

Unless we've worked out some form of royalty agreement, you own the full rights to use your film poster as you see fit. We retain the right to show it off in our portfolio and brag about it. Please check your contract for specifics.

You bet! If you are a winner or nominee, as a congratulations from us, we won't charge for adding your laurels at a later date. We simply ask that if you have a bunch, you send them all together in the name of sanity.

We do all-original work that is completely hand crafted in the digital world for your film. Out of respect for ourselves as well as for other artists, we will never copy off of other film posters. If you would like that kind of work, you won't find it here.

Our posters are designed with a great deal of thought and psychology behind the color theory used, which in plain english means that we use specific colors to achieve specific emotional effects on the viewer. So while we're totally open to logical suggestions based on the psychology of color as it relates to your film, we ask that requests for changes of this nature be accompanied by sound logic as to why.

We do not handle printing directly but would be happy to recommend some high end printing services for your film poster.

Yes, if you have a plan for your film and you are willing to make decisive decisions about marketing early.

We work inside our inspiration as well as the inspiration of your film. We do not show previews of our poster designs as this interrupts our process of creating something great for your film. Our main purpose is to get you a film poster that is memorable and can get the attention that you need to show or sell your film.

Please don't - we prefer to communicate via email or phone calls during designated time periods. We usually spend our time in the studio working on art stuff so we keep our hours to specific times so we can focus on your project. If you must text please keep it brief and to the point as to much texting makes it hard to keep record of your project.

Keep it to a minimal. We do not believe in putting actors or characters on the poster for the hell of it. It is important to understand that only the most pivotal and imperative characters should go on your key art poster - that's your main poster. All the rest of the characters if you believe they are worth promoting with the story on a separate poster then I would suggest putting them on their own character poster. Focusing on the key art is a great way to figure the rest of the characters out. I would suggest putting focus and energy into putting the vibe and story into the key art poster and then the character posters.

We do our posters in the traditional USA size which is 24 x 36. We often do other sizes and can do other sizes if requested, or if we see a need to do something special or different for your project. In reality movie posters and film posters come in many sizes. The main thing is that the film poster gets attention and tells a story.

Yes we can design a logo mark for your film we usually include this in our poster design process. If you click this link right here you can learn about how we create the art for our film posters.

We use a combination of images provided by you (or high resolution screenshots from your film if you do not have photos for us) along with what may include but is not limited to: creative commons licensed images, stock photos, 3d models, found textures and pieces of hand-drawn artwork that has been scanned.

We allow very few changes after our process has been complete. We take lots of time researching and watching your film to get a feel for the story and then we dissect it and use creativity, logic, and psychology to create a poster that really feels like a part of your story. Our planning and logic is based on creative marketing, facts in your story, and your target market.

There are many ways around this problem for now I will give you two easy ways to solve this issue that will help that require no re-shoots. Number 1 is to just pull images from the theatrical trailer or feature film. And the number 2 way is to use behind the scenes footage for the film poster. If you cannot do any of the above email me.

We typically spend 21 business days on every poster that we create. This time allows for us to take the appropriate amount of time to research and dive deep into the story that your film is telling. We then can develop a full and complete piece of artwork based on your film, that grabs the heart of your audience as well as gives the press a strong launchpad to start talking about your film.

Bowlerbear is owned by artists Alijah Villian Hamilton and Erin Cheyne Hamilton they both have work in the film industry and has received numerous awards and press for their film and creative artworks. Please read more about them here.