A great movie poster is a beautiful thing and can make a world of difference when sending your movie of into the world. Your poster will most likely be the first thing most people see when they are introduced to your movie. As with most first introductions you want the movie poster to leave a memorable impression. We believe that great movie posters tell stories and make people more interested in your film.


What you get

Creative Custom Movie Poster Design

Printable version of your Movie Poster

Digital version of your Movie Poster that can be used for web

Square of your social media graphic for your poster


Turnaround Time: 7 Business Days

3 Days Planning and Concepting

4 Days Design and Conception

Let’s talk about you and the vision of your film

What’s the vision where do you see this film playing? Will it go to film festivals, or is it a film ready to be distributed by some lucky buck?   Our first stage of the process is always about getting to know you, how you got involved in the film you’re working on and what made you see it through.  Knowing about your relationship to the film and what you really think about it and who you believe should be watching it helps us a whole lot in getting the vibe of your movie poster right.


Getting to know the film

We will give you a login to our client system and you will be asked to answer some questions about your film so we can get another layer deeper about specifics such as location of your story, characters, and important moments.


Collaborating on your film with our digital visual board

We will give you access to a digital visual board that we create for you (please allow 48 hours for access as we build it custom for you).  On this board you will be able to upload media such as images, color palettes, music, and video.  The purpose of all of this is to simplify our communication and make it easier for you to communicate what thoughts and ideas and vibes you would like for the poster.  That way we are not just giving you a poster because we love it but you are directly involved we feel this is how we get legendary work.  Just remember, we always reserve the right to make sure it’s completely awesome before it goes out to the world.  And any advice we give is based on improving the marketability and future success of the film.


Designing your poster

It’s time for you to prepare the press, we will be working on your movie poster over the next 3 days and it’s going to be awesome.  We tend to go really deep into your movie poster discussing our favorite characters and how to make them feel real in the moment of the poster.   We will be using many methods during this process that may include but is not limited to:

Running 5 Miles to come up with the right composition for your movie poster
Talking over coffee for countless hours obsessing over the power of the silhouette in your movie poster.
Dancing in the studio to get farther inspiration for your movie poster
Listening extremely dramatic classical music (something we  do often.. we like dramatic music in general...) while we imagine the scenes at play.
Whatever it takes


Your Poster is finished, now show the world!

It’s done! It’s done! You can login into your password protected client dashboard to preview and download your posters in full resolution. You’ll also be able to download the logo that we created for the poster so that you can use it wherever you like to promote your film.


How we collaborate on your film design

We use our own custom built vision board system to help us collaborate with you and get an understanding of your vision through images, music, colors, and video about your project.  We find using our system makes it way easier for all parties to share their ideas and come to an agreement on what direction the poster needs to take.

***All software is private and you will be given your own login credentials.