When life drags you down, drag it up! Fierce takes a heartfelt journey into the drag community with several of Britain's fiercest drag queens and kings as they travel to Austin, TX, USA for the International Austen Drag Festival.   We wanted to show them as the living works of art that they are.  

The Dragon

As with all of our work, creating a powerful silhouette within the artwork is very important for visual impact.  When we created the dragon in 3D, we envisioned it breathing over the character's shoulder to add heat and more atmosphere to the museum shot.

The Costumes

Every costume in the entire poster series was digitally composited and painted specifically for each character. 

The Controversy

To our great amusement, the drive-in movie theater in Henagar, Alabama that banned the new Beauty and the Beast film for having a gay character booked Fierce to be shown in their theater this spring, under the assumption that the dragons and fire in the movie poster design could only mean that this is a Game of Thrones type flick.  While the owner of the drive in ultimately pulled Fierce from their roster, it wasn't before TMZ and the rest of the world caught on, resulting in - sweet justice - Fierce getting even more attention and support than it had in the first place. 


Creating a museum environment created some strange challenges; one of many is making sure that the silhouettes stayed sharp and visually attractive while maintaining the dreamlike museum glow and including a great deal of background architecture.

Movie Poster Design Key Art for Fierce Independent Film
Movie Poster Design for Documentary Fierce