Film Noir is a beautiful genre, and we jumped at the chance to compliment this classic piece with a poster that fit the bill.  A film about a mobster fresh out of prison who was rumored to have a stash of cash in a suitcase.  Our first thought? Put the characters in a prison made out of a suitcase of cash.

The Purple Colors

The purple and peach toning is not actually it was first a soft gray and white and there was such a push to remain a little less colorful based on the film noir look.  But we wanted to do something full of bright vibrant colors that still captured the moody short film.

Our Old Camera Suitcase

We searched high and low for a suitcase that fit the vibe for our poster but we could not find one, so we took a photo of on of our old camera suitcases, increased the resolution, masked it, digitally painted in a few details and turned that into our main prop.  

Creating a Strong Silhouette

We created a couple different silhouettes for the overall image that worked, but we wanted something that really vibed with the ego of the main character, so after some time we decided to put him on top and the other characters in the triangle formation.


Hide the Sausage was an extraordinary project and we pulled it off in a limited amount of time. From the initial script reading, to the poster concepting phase and the art stage,  we had a blast traveling back in cinema history.

Film Noir Showgirl on a Movie Poster Design from Bowlerbear
Movie Poster Artwork for Joe Bendetto's Film Noir, Hide the Sausage