If Game of Thrones met NBA, this would be it. The different perspective came to us on a whim after thinking what it would be like if our athletes were in medieval times.  There wasn't a massive athletic job market then, so our heroes would have been knights.  That much we know.

120 Pieces of Medival Armor Digitally Handpieced Together

We collected  and imaged over 120 pieces of armor and composited each armor collection for each of the 10 main characters in a unique way.

Translating NBA Stars into Old-World Paintings


We wanted the portrait to feel like a true portrait one that is realistic and feels like a painter is actually sitting there with an easel getting a detailed perspective of a kingly character.  To achieve this, we approached these pieces as though they were traditional paintings and carefully built them up out of layers upon layers of detail and texturing. 


Working  based on historic reference kept us energized; learning each part of the armor and figuring out how to create custom armor that had depth was a fascinating process.  The lighting was an especially interesting point of this project, keeping us understanding the intensity and personality of the different NBA players.

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