Levitation is the fine art of ascending without regard for gravity.  This piece was done in a few afternoons after grazing on the farm.  We balanced on sawhorses in a field to take the photos and used the light blend from that to match our skyline.

The magic of a skyline

Our skyline took the longest to compose; a collection  of over 70 different clouds and skies photographed from various exposures.  The color of the sky muddles in the spring evening haze right as the sun goes down.

How to float

The main part of floating without any hold ups is to make sure that the feet are either pointed down or barely visible.  Keeping the perspective of gravity is a perfect way to stay afloat.

Many balloons 

The balloons were selected as a contrast in story to Alijah's wings; we needed something that went up as well as to provide a flying device that suited Erin's personality.  

The Castle and the Poppies

The bottom portion of the poster was built in combination with the sea of poppies, and they all kind of fell into each other.  Sometimes really vibrant colors have a way of giving birth to a lot of new found elements, and in this instance, the poppy red inspired a multitude of hidden ladybugs.


Levitate helped us explore the possibilities and the abilities that you have when you give yourself a challenge oriented around such a fantastical thing as levitation.