Peeping into a keyhole could reveal dark secrets.  The Listing is dark and uncomfortable the feeling of going through the keyhole into another dimension, and once you have looked through, there is another door to a darker place.

Blue Wood

When we think of night we often think of blue - sometimes purple - but definitely blue. We wanted to feel night with a little bit of moonglow and eeriness.

Bugs on the Knob

There was a time when we went to an abandoned house on a shoot, and on the door was a very long centipede. We decided to take the creepy crawliness of that and add it to this poster.


A good horror film needs an equally good movie poster to build the suspense before showtime. We wanted to go dark, but still avoid giving away the plot, forcing a different perspective on the unsuspecting viewer.

A Custom Illustrated Movie Poster for Jaden Luke's The Listing