When your imagination takes you to another world, you just go. We shot this project and detailed it over a couple weeks, we used previs and 3D design to create most of the environments and basic 2d plates to create the other shots. The creation of the shots composited over 200 individual objects.

The clock with 4 layers of time

The clock in this shot was taken from several different vintage clocks throughout history - the idea of this clock is that it maintained 4 layers of time.

Narnia, Hogwarts, Neverland, Moscow 

It's a big part of the story the detail of the location to the point where you can almost smell it.  For the locations, favorite places in fiction and reality were chosen as potential destinations in this imaginary world.


Working on wisdom train and designing the different shots was certainly challenging in the amount of layers and detail put into the architecture of the exterior of the train station and the interior.  There is always an opportunity for innovation while staying true to the story.


Fantasy Adventure Movie Poster Design For Wisdom Train Station